A new adventure

You know how sometimes you look back and think how perfectly soemthing fell into place. Now, in the process it doesn’t seem to be going perfect, but after it is all over you look back and it really all fell into place just.... perfect. 

That’s how our crazy farming experience started. Matt and I didn’t grow up farming, we didn’t go to school for agriculture, we had never owned any animals besides a dog. But, we always wanted land. We dreamed of retiring to a cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. In late 2018 we threw out the idea of “what if” we did this now, instead of when we retire (considering we are in our early 30’s retirement was a ways off). Then we started to explore the idea of “what if” we moved our permanent residence. “What if” we sell our house, and move.  What was holding us back? At the time we had just pulled our oldest out of public school to start homeschooling, which has been on our hearts since before we had children, so School district wasn’t an issue. Matt said he would be willing to drive up to an hour for work, so that wasn’t an issue. So when we really took a hard look at it... nothing. Nothing was holding us back...

 Thats when our search started. We were not all that picky with our criteria.. land, House, water source. We found a few that checked some of the boxes, Bid at auctions and were outbid on three houses. We grabbed our realtor and drove ALL over looking at the very few houses that were on the market with some of the criteria we wanted..... and then after only 4 months of making the decision to leap forward with this new adventure....our dream house came on the market. Land ✔️ Old farm house that was completely remodeled ✔️Bedrooms for all the kids ✔️ Pond & creek ✔️ In our price range ✔️Free gas ✔️✔️   Within 36 hours of the house going on the market, we did minor fixes to our current house, listed it, sold it, and our offer on our dream house was accepted!!!!


We moved in April of 2019 and we didn’t waste any time. Once we were on the land we realized that we wanted to do more than just “have land” we wanted to raise animals, grow our own food and raise our own meats. We read books, watched countless YouTube channels and again.. leaped into this new lifestyle!  Within less than 6 months we: 

planted 22 fruit trees

put in a 100’x50’ garden

got chickens, and more chickens and more chickens... we are somewhere near 60 currently 

added a few goats and then more goats and then had baby goats born currently at 15. 

got a few pigs & naturally more pigs 😉 

raised & processed 95 meat chickens.

Become bee keepers with 3 bee hives & were able to extract and enjoy some of our own fresh honey! 


.....and that is just the start of it. We are looking forward to sharing our dreams, successes & failures, accomplishment & mistakes with you as our journey continues. Sign up here to follow along on our adventures!

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