How a Cow turned into a Pig

 All of us were in the van on our way to look at two animals that we were sure we were going to purchase…..cows. It was in the 30’s with clear roads and snow all over the ground. Our trip to this farm was full of normalcy, kids asking multiple questions upon questions upon questions. All in all, though, the kids and the trip were perfectly fine.

 We were in contact with a newer cow farmer that had two little cows he was trying to sell.  We had a great first impression of this farmers property. He was in excavation and had everything put together and in order with his house and barns. It was a place that had a lot going on without the feeling of chaos and he spared no expense when it came to his animals. We started talking and everyone was able to see the little cows in their stall that was very open and had access to outside where the main part of the herd was. The cows looked healthy and happy. Upon walking up to the top part of his pasture that was full of what everyone has had to deal with this winter a little more than normal…. mud! Not his fault of course and we were all prepared with our boots. The kids were able to see all his cows at his hay feeder. They saw the BIG bull and climbed up into the feeder and began handing every cow they saw some of the hay. They were having fun. At this time, in my mind, I started coming around to the final decision of purchasing these cows. Then it started to snow. It wasn’t just snow but snow and wind. You know that wind that cuts through every layer you have on to only stop at your bones? That kind of wind and snow. As we were walking back, it got worse and more snow came and seemed to come out of nowhere on a fairly clear day. With the cold and wind, we told the farmer that we were going to leave but would discuss it with each other and let him know.

 Turning out of his property, the roads were covered with snow and it was coming down without relenting. We drove a little way and stopped for lunch at a small-town pizza place and let the weather clear before finishing the drive home and to discuss what we thought. After Ash and I talked about it, we still did not know if this was going to happen, so we decided to go home to think, pray, and sleep on it. We didn’t have to. After getting evening chores done and sitting down in the living room with the fireplace on, the decision was made for us and it was not what we thought.

Reservations are good and allow us not to get into situations that we are not ready for. Ash and I have had these every so often and sometimes we have listened and sometimes not. We had reservations about adding cows to our farm in the winter. We have been able to talk ourselves into “making things work” until spring comes when it comes to getting cows. For instance, finishing up a stall for the cows, fixing the pasture fence, and the extra hay cost for overwintering them as well. These were all things we were considering and the things that were easy to say, “yeah, I can get that done”. Well, thankfully, we were able to stop all that thinking with one simple message from a friend.

 Our friend just so happened to have posted one of her livestock for sale and I bet you can guess what it was……a pig. This isn’t just a commercial pig; it is a breed known as a Kunekune. They are great at grazing and the way their snouts are, are not able to dig up the ground like our breeders do. This is a type of pig I have had my eye on and when that message was seen by Ashley, we jumped on it. We knew that our decision was made because there was no reservations, no hesitations, and everything lined up in order. So with are ever sure all in attitude, we purchased the pig. We contacted the farmer with the cows and told him we were going to pass this time. All in all, a long way to tell everyone that we went to purchase some cows but ended up with a pregnant pig. Yes, a pregnant pig. Expect pictures of Sassy’s little ones in the next few weeks. 

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